Social Media and SEO: 5 Quick Wins to Increase Your Reach

As social media and SEO have evolved over the years, they’ve become increasingly intertwined—and it’s not hard to understand why. Social media focuses on, and encourages, engagement and real conversations between people online. SEO focuses on how people are looking for information and solutions to their problems online. In both cases, brands succeed by connecting with these desires authentically and providing real value to their audience.

The power of social media and SEO

A survey conducted by eConsultancy reported 39 percent of companies agree that “social media is very much part of search engine optimization activity.” While social media doesn’t necessarily have a direct impact on search ranking, it is an important part of SEO.

Social media puts you in front of your audience and helps to expand your online reach more quickly. It drives referral traffic and engagement, both of which can help with search ranking through natural links. Content that leverages social media as a source of link building helps improve visibility on search. For more information on link building using social media check out Top Rank Online Marketing.

Article By Kevin Tran via Hootsuite Blog

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