When to reinvent your company

There was a great article in the Harvard Business Review, Knowing When to Reinvent by Mark Bertolini, David Duncan and Andrew Waldeck,that does a great job of showing the indicators of when you need to reinvent your business. Although Bertolini is CEO of Aetna, the insurance company, the lessons are very relevant for game and technology companies.

In my twenty plus years in the game industry, I have seen many great companies fail because they waited too long to reinvent their business. You can look at companies that missed the shift from PC to console (the Infogrames and CDVs), the transition from console to free to play (the THQs and Segas), or the transition from Facebook to mobile (the Zyngas and Popcaps). Conversely, I have seen many fail when they lose focus and chase the cool shiny object too early (the NeoGeos and Playdoms).

Bertolini, et.al., first make the point that “no business survives over the long term without reinventing itself.” While nobody argues this point, knowing when to start a deliberate strategic transformation is extremely challenging. There are several obstacles to such a change:

  • Employees feel threatened
  • Customers can be confused or alienated
  • Investors see uncertainty and often punish what they consider higher risk.

Visit The Business of Social Media for the full article

Source: When to reinvent your company


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