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We have noticed with interest that many times some business owners or individuals who have a great business idea, or have a brick and mortar office, often do not know how to promote it online and on social media to target relevant prospects. And when you approach the “big company consultants” to help you launch your business online, guess what? their bill is always too high.

But that is where Vivatec Marketing comes in. We help individuals launch their business ideas online, and help them increase brand awareness, so that their target customers can find them when they are ready to make a consultation or a buying decision.

Our business model? We sit down with our clients to discuss what they really want, how they want it, and when they want it before we start developing their marketing strategy. We provide useful helpful marketing hints and tips to magnify the strength of their marketing promotions. We have to agree on exactly what they want before it is executed. We hold our customers by the hand until their business idea is launched.

So, if you need help advertising and promoting your brand or business online and on social media; managing and growing your social media presence: Contact/Hire US at Vivatec Marketing. Pick our brain, let us help you today!

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We are a one-stop shop for all your social and digital business essentials;

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To launch your brand online and on social media at an affordable cost. Contact us today and find out how!